Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MAS Adventure Camp 2011 by Mira Munshee - Day 1

Day 1 – 20 Nov 2011

I went to KL Sentral and met with the other contestants. It was great seeing new fresh faces. We registered and were brought up to the first class’s waiting lounge. After a while, the parents were asked to come down and leave us with the teachers. Cikgu Fuad distributed us with animal’s names for our group. So we have 10 groups, 4 groups of girls and 6 groups of boys. We had lunch and continued with briefing about how to solat in the train and how to take wuduk using the water spray they provided for us. We were scheduled to leave at 3 pm but the train was delayed for an hour. So we gathered in front of KFC and waited for one hour, took turn to go to the toilet and everything. Finally, the train came and we boarded and left Kuala Lumpur. The train ride was alright, the guys can’t stop making noises and stuff but we had fun and I get to watched sunset on the train :) We arrived at Kuala Kangsar around 8 pm, it was dark outside and it rained but that did not stopped us. We took two buses and departed to Ulu Kenas, where our camp was held. It took around 20 minutes to reach there. We arrived and we went to the hall, had our first dinner and Cikgu Fuad gave some introductions with the teachers in charge and a few ground rules in the camp. Then we were sent off to the tent. We set up our sleeping spots and then it rained. And the tents were leaking. Rain came in the tent and everyone, mostly girls, were screaming and yelling for the teachers ._. At last, Cikgu Hafidz came with plastic mat and the girls were brought to the surau. That was the end of our first night in MAC.

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