Thursday, December 01, 2011

MAS Adventure Camp 2011 by Mira Munshee - Day 2

Day 2 – 21 Nov 2011

We woke up early, thank you to Cikgu Amie, Cikgu Anisah, Cikgu Norafiza of course. We did Subuh prayers together and teachers did some exercises just to freshen us up. We had breakfast after that, ‘meehon goreng’ and teh o’ panas. After breakfast, we had this slot with the cabin crew, Cikgu Norhafiz. He is one of the MAS Cabin Crew so he is in charge for first aid and medical throughout the camp. He did some talks on CPR that stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. He showed us how to apply CPR, when and how to use it and introduced us to DR ABC technique. D stands for Danger, R stands for Responds, A stands for Airways, B stands for Breathing and lastly, C stands for Circulation. Mostly, I did understand all these because I learnt in PE class. So it’s easier and I understand it more after Cikgu Norhafiz explained and did some demonstrations in front with the students. Then he taught the ‘Heimlich Manuever’ which we can use whenever a person is choking. We had some bonding laughters, thank you to Cikgu Hafiz’s acting skills. I’m not sure what we did after the slot but Cikgu Fuad gave us time for us to settled in our bags and things in the tent. We cleaned the tent and put our things where it belonged. Around noon, we had lunch and performed Zohor and Asar jamak qasar with the rest. After performing our prayers, we gathered at the podium next to the jungle for our Opening Ceremoy. While waiting for the VIP to came, Cikgu Fuad taught us how to tied ropes, different kind of ties with the help of Cikgu Paan, Cikgu Hafidz, Cikgu Azizi, Cikgu Hazrul and others. After the opening ceremony, we had tea time and we were told to get ready for Magrib and Isyak prayers. After prayers, Cikgu Shuhaimi continued with Maghrib’s lecture and some talks. Around 9, Cikgu Paan told us to gathered by the podium again, for our night activity. Each group were given a candle stick and a piece of paper, listed in there were the teacher’s names. Our mission was to get every teacher’s signature while carrying the candle stick, hoping that it will not light off. It was rather tempting and we were so patience with the game. We walked around the campsite, searching for the teachers. Honestly, we didn’t really memorized the teacher’s names and yes, they did switched their name tags but at last, we succeed! Although there were two names left but we didn’t make it to the finish. We sweat a lot, we were tired but we had so much fun. And that night was the first night we slept in our own tent! It was rather cool :> and fun because you get to sleep with your best friend. It’s like having a sleepover. In the woods accompanied by the sound of crickets and rain. It was peaceful :)

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