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MAS Adventure Camp 2011 by Mira Munshee - Day 3

Day 3 – 22 Nov 2011

Today, we woke up around 4.45 am. Thank you teachers :) We performed Subuh prayers together and were told to gathered at the dataran because we were going to start with our ‘jungle tracking’! Everyone were excited, we gathered according to our own group, Cikgu Fuad was so kind, he and the other teachers gave us sweets and koko crunch in packs. He said a few things like do not litter in the jungle and such. We started with the girls in front, lead by the teacher. Well, the track was tricky and slippery. The hill went up 60 degrees and we hiked very slow, but steady. We stopped at one checkpoint, waited for the boys and continued our way up. This time it was hill up and we had to use all our energy to climbed up. At last, we reached at the top, there was a shack up there, Cikgu Fuad called it ‘kedai mamak’. We waited for the others to arrived, we ate and drank, mostly trying to revive our energy. Then, the drama started. I’m not sure which teacher, informed through the ‘walkie-talkie’ that Cikgu Shuhaimi fell and broke his leg or his back. Everyone kinda freaked out, Cikgu Hafiz ran down the hill alongside with Cikgu Paan. Cikgu Fuad, Cikgu Hafidz, Cikgu Norafiza, Cikgu Zara and Cikgu Anisah were left with us. They told us that we have to come down, as soon as possible. Making the way down was hard, the track were more slippery than before, most of us fell down and slipped but thank God, there were no injury or anything. We reached down at the campsite like 30 minutes later and went gathered at the dataran again. Cikgu Fuad was kinda upset, same goes to Cikgu Burhan. That time I felt so guilty and well, every emotions mixed up. Suddenly, Cikgu Amie was shouting and yelling to Cikgu Elma. I don’t know what was that about but we just listened and stayed in silent. Cikgu Amie flipped out, she barged into her room and packed her bag and stormed off the camp. Everyone were shocked. Cikgu Fuad said a few things then he asked us to grab our lunch and sat at the podium. We went there, ate and Cikgu Hazrul sat with us and entertained us with his stupid jokes. Then came in Cikgu Fuad, grinning and told us, ‘ITU SEMUA HANYA LAKONAN’ and came in Cikgu Shuhaimi and Cikgu Hafiz, smiling, acting like nothing happened. I swear, I was pissed but then I just laughed. I can’t believe how talented all the teachers were, with the actings. After everything cooled down, we took a break and got ready to performed Zohor and Asar prayers. After the prayers, we moved on to more extreme activities, ‘river crossing’ and ‘abselling’. The boys were asked to do the ‘abselling’ whilst the girls were asked to do the ‘river crossing’. Well, the ‘river crossing’ was fun, it was wet, thank you to Cikgu Anisah, Cikgu Hafidz, they splashed water at us. After we’re done with ‘river crossing’, we continued with ‘abselling’. The tower was 4 storeys height and honestly, it looked terrifying. Half of the girls didn’t complete the ‘abselling’ because we ran out of time so they decided to continue it tomorrow. We had tea time and were given time to prepared for Maghrib and Isyak prayers. After prayers, we had kuliah with Cikgu Shuhaimi and after that, we had another night activity which we called, ‘night train’. Each group were asked to be blind-folded and we have to hold a string that connects each one of the member in the group. Then the teacher brought us around the campsite. Remember, we were blind-folded and we had no idea where they were taking us. We walked like blind people, then some of the teachers did some pranks on us. For me, it did worked. I freaked out and I let out a scream and yelled ._. Well it was embarrassing. This activity taught us teamworks and how to communicate with others although we can’t see a thing. Being blind is never an excuse to fail. After the game, most of us were beat tired so we decided to went back to the tent and get our beauty sleep.

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